Like most Downtown residents, Healey residents have come to the neighborhood to enjoy the excitement and convenience. There are young couples, “empty nesters” with grown-up children, people moving with flyttebyrå oslo from the suburbs, single professionals, traveling consultants, and public officials.

A few pioneers have called Downtown home for a long time; they took advantage of spaces nobody seemed to want, like warehouses and office buildings. However, for many, Downtown became home during and after the Olympics, when the flame truly began to be kindled. Downtown saw more and more people moving in and beginning to live the sort of urban lifestyle found in other cities across the country and around the world.

In the years since then, more and more people have been drawn in, with Downtown no longer a place nobody wants, but home to a community of residents and a neighborhood developers are now drawn to more and more. You see a lot of construction cranes Downtown these days!

Downtown offers a unique experience not found many places in Atlanta. Residents walk to work while others sit in traffic; they enjoy incredible views of skylines and parks while others view sprawling parking lots of discount malls. Downtown residents even get world-class entertainment and sporting events delivered to their front yard, versus ordering pay per view.

Downtown is a place where your car can often stay in the garage. You can walk around the neighborhood and take care of your errands or find a place to have a drink. MARTA, Atlanta’s public transit system, is there to take you to virtually any point in the city, with several train stations, including Five Points and Peachtree Center. Dozens of buses run in all directions, and the Atlanta Streetcar loops around the neighborhood seven days a week. And if you do need to drive somewhere in town, Downtown is never very far from anything.


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Organization (with Link) Phone Number
Atlanta Police Department (Zone 5 Precinct) 404-658-7054
or 404-658-7830
Atlanta City Council 404-330-6030
Atlanta-Fulton Public Library – Central Library 404-730-1700
Atlanta Humane Society 404-875-5331
City Council President Felicia Moore 404-330-6052
Councilman Amir Farokhi, District 2 404-330-6038
Central Atlanta Progress / Atlanta Downtown Improvement District 404-658-1877
Georgia State University Police 404-413-3333
MARTA Information 404-848-5000
Mayor’s Office 404-330-6100
Community Management Associates (Building Management) 404-835-9100

Below are useful links related to the Healey and Downtown Atlanta.


Local Government & Police