Below is a convenient listing of building utilities.

Electricity and Water

There is no need for residents to establish an electricity and water accounts. Each unit is sub-metered for both electricity and water and billed by a 3rd party company called Conservice. Bills can be paid online. Please contact Chinasa Onyebueke at 404-835-9210 or if billing information needs to be changed.

Conservice 866-947-7379


AT&T: 844-444-2248

Internet & Satellite TV Service

GigaMonster handles the DirecTV infrastructure for the Healey Building. A DirecTV Satellite has been installed on the roof so that residents would not need an individual satellite dish at their residence. For this reason, it is important that you call GigaMonster to set up your DirecTV service.

GigaMonster acts as an agent for DirecTV. They establish an account number with DirecTV on your behalf, but programming will be invoiced by DirecTV each month.

GigaMonster bills for the line access fee (included in your HOA dues), installation, and optional equipment or purchase required in your residence.

Following these steps below will hopefully eliminate confusion and ensure a timely installation for each homeowner.

Step 1.
Prior to installation, research what programming package you wish to receive at Please note that if you have ever had a prior DirecTV account, that it should be cancelled in full before starting this process; otherwise it creates issues with being able to establish your account with GigaMonster.

Step 2.
Please call GigaMonster at 844-444-2248 and they will be able to determine if the issue requires a GigaMonster Technician.

Alarm Systems

All Healey units are hardwired for an alarm system. Please call AFA Alarms if you would like this additional feature at your own expense: 404-761-6024.