Our Declaration of Condominium contains guidance on a number of topics to promote an inviting living environment at the Healey.

Download the Declaration of Condominium (“Condo Docs”) for the Healey (PDF, 9.23 MB)
Updated 03/21/12

Signed Amendment ot Declaration (PDF, 164 K)

Signed Amendment and Restated Declaration of Easements (PDF, 1.36 MB)

Residential Guide

A handy guide for residents on all things Healey is being updated and will return to this site soon!

General Rules for Being A Good Neighbor

The Declaration, is written in legal terms that you may not wish to translate. For a quick, more “digestible” version of these rules and regulations, download the document below, from the building guide:

Appendix 2: Rules and Regulations for Being A Good Neighbor (PDF, 91 K) 

Quick Guide 

  1. Keep music and noise levels down.
  2. Bag your trash so it does not leak.
  3. Do not give strangers access inside the building and use of the elevators.
  4. Update your contact information with the security guards and property manager.
  5. Report all suspicious activities to security and call 911.
  6. Get to know your neighbors.
  7. Do not smoke in the stairwell or common areas.
  8. Do not store bicycles and other personal items in the stairwell or any of our common areas. If you do they will be discarded.
  9. Clean up after your pet.
  10. Keep the elevator clean and do not scratch elevators walls and doors.
  11. Grills are not allowed anywhere on the building premises.
  12. Keep up with the terms of your condo document by visiting

Of these topics, noise is probably one of foremost importance to Healey residents given our close living quarters. Contact Healey security at 404-522-7679 if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing to respond to excessive noise from another unit. Call the Atlanta Police Department at 404-546-5812 if Healey security intervention does not stop the problem.

Move In / Move Out Rules and Regulations

In order to insure that the move is smooth for the incoming or outgoing resident it is important that the resident schedule the move after checking with Community Management Associates, Inc. to ensure the freight elevator is available and that it is not out of service for periodic maintenance. Learn more by downloading the document below:

Move In / Move Out Rules and Regulations & Form (PDF, 47 K) 

Rental Protocol

If you are currently renting your condominium, or are considering renting your condominium, the following document offers extremely important information for your review and compliance.

Requirements for Condo Rentals (PDF, 17 K) 

Also available is a sample lessee agreement, in which the lessee confirms that they’ve read the building’s rules and regulations:

Lessee Agreement (PDF, 17 K) 

For further information, contact Community Management Associates, Inc.

HOA Fee Collection Procedure

Monthly Healey Condominium Association Fees are due by the 10th of each month. Below is a document detailing the assessment of late HOA fees.

Fee Collection Procedure (PDF, 25 K) 

Conference Room

If you are considering using the conference room, the following document offers information for your review and compliance.

Requirements for Conference Room Use (PDF, 63 K)