From 11/5/09

The Healey Condominium Association, Inc., Declaration of Condominium addresses pets in Article 14 USE RESTRICTIONS, (h) Pets. The Healey gladly welcomes pets, but to assure the quality of life of all residents, the following rules and regulations govern pets within the building:

  • No more than a total of two dogs or cats, in any combination. This means a unit may have a) two dogs, b) two cats, or c) a dog and a cat.
  • A number of small household pets such as hamsters, birds, fish, etc., are acceptable as long as they do not break any local or state laws governing domestic pets.
  • No owner or occupant may keep, breed or maintain any pet for any commercial purposes.
  • Pets may not be left unattended or unleashed in common areas like the hallway, stairways, or lobbies.
  • If a pet pees, poos, vomits or leaves any other mess in a common area, the pet owner must clean it up immediately and do his/her best to remove any stains or other damage done. If the pet owner does not clean up after his/her pet, the owner will be fined accordingly. The fine shall be considered payment for cleaning up the mess, creating a health hazard and inconvenience to the property owners and Healey staff.
  • No potbellied pigs, snakes, pit bulldogs, Rottweilers, Doberman pinchers, or other animals determined by the Board’s sole discretion to be dangerous, may be kept at the condominium at any time.

There have been a number of recent incidents involving residents not cleaning up after their pets in an acceptable manner. These incidents are happening on the stairwell landings and in the hallways outside the unit doors.

Therefore, the Board of Directors, at the meeting held September 29, 2009, determined that the fine for not cleaning up after a pet will be in the amount of $250.00.

Please govern yourself accordingly.

As a reminder, please walk your pet away from The Healey over to Woodruff Park where there are bag stations for pet waste cleanup purposes. And please be mindful to not allow your pet to relieve itself in the planters as it kills the plants.

The Healey Condominium Association, Inc.
Board of Directors

From 2/19/09 

Healey Residents,

It has been reported to the Board that on several different occasions, residents have found animal waste in the emergency exit stairwells of our building. Pet owners have also allowed their dogs to urinate and defecate on the sidewalks, parking meter poles and streetlights around our building causing several business in our building to complain to the Board. Not only is this inconsiderate behavior of the pet owners but is unlawful behavior which creates a health/safety issue that if discovered by the City of Atlanta could lead to fines totaling several thousands of dollars.

We would like to remind all pet owners that according to the condo docs or Declaration of Condominiums, all owners and occupants are responsible for any and all actions of your pets. Section 14, paragraph H, PETS states ” Dogs must be kept on a lease and under physical control of a responsible person at all times while outside. Feces left upon Common Elements or in any area subject to the Easement and Cost Sharing Agreements by dogs must be removed by the owner of the dog or the person responsible for the dog.”

In addition, this section states that the Board has the sole discretion to remove pets from the building that endangers the health of any Owner and Occupant or creates a nuisance or unreasonable disturbance. We ask that you please keep your pets on a lease at all times while in the building

The Board is asking all resident to obey city ordnances as well as our building rules. We ask that you please keep your pets on a lease at all times while in the common areas of our building. If this continues to be a problem, the Board will move to take appropriate actions against pet owners.

Healey Board of Directors, 2/19/09