The following information is provided to Healey residents interested in repairing windows in their units. Due to the building’s historic designation and the facade easement it is under, a specific procedure needs to be followed. The Healey Board of Directors worked out this process when investigating replacement of common area windows and is sharing it with homeowners as a way of “smoothing the path.”

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Memo on Repair of Homeowner Windows
Window Specifications

Memo on Repair of Homeowner Windows

To: All Healey Homeowners
From: The Board of Directors, Healey Condominium Association (Association)
Date: May 16, 2017
Re: Repair of Homeowner Windows

This memorandum is to establish the overall procedure for repairing windows in each unit.

The original developer of the Healey Condominium donated the façade of the building to the non-profit Easements Atlanta, Inc (EAI) through a Deed of Gift and Agreement for an Architectural, Façade, and Preservation Easement on December 30, 1999. As a result, all exterior alterations (including window repair work) must be reviewed and approved in writing by EAI before work is performed.

Additionally, since the Healey Building is designated a Landmark Building Exterior by the City of Atlanta exterior work must be also be approved by City of Atlanta Urban Design Commission (ADUC) prior to performing any work (including window repair work) to the exterior of the building.

All window repair for upper level windows at the Healey Building in common areas and in individual condominium units shall use the criteria and approach outlined in the AUDC Certificate of Appropriateness CA2-15-149. AUDC Staff shall be authorized to make the repair replacement decision based on criteria and approach outlined in CA2-15-149

It is imperative that homeowners understand that each homeowner is responsible for the Unit’s windows per the Declaration of Condominium for The Healey, A Condominium, Section 17 MAINTENNCE RESPONSIBILITY

  • By the Owner. Each Owner shall have the obligation to maintain and keep in good repair all portions of his or her Unit, except any portion of a Unit which is expressly made the maintenance obligation of the Association as set forth in subparagraph (b) below. This maintenance responsibility shall include, but not limited to the following: all glass surfaces (excluding exterior cleaning), windows, window frames (except for periodic painting or staining for the exterior window frames), casings and locks (including caulking of windows); all doors, doorways, door frames, and hardware that are part of the entry system of the Unit (except for periodic painting or staining of the exterior surface of entry doors and door frames facing the hallway of the Condominium): and all piles, lines, ducts, conduits, or other apparatus which serve only the Unit, whether located within or without a Unit’s boundaries ( including all electricity, water, sewer, or HVAC pipes, lines, ducts, conduits, or other apparatus serving only the Unit).

The Association working with Easements Atlanta, Inc, and the City of Atlanta Urban Design Commission both of which have the responsibility for ensuring the historical integrity of the building have laid out a specific methodology for window repair. The specifications are listed on the Healey website, For Residents, Window Specifications.

If a homeowner plans to refurbish their Unit’s windows, the contractor must provide proof of insurance to the HOA prior to work beginning.

Before repairing their unit’s windows, homeowners must complete an Application for Urban Design Commission Certificates of Appropriateness, Staff Review, and Review and Comment form and notify Easements Atlanta with a description of the type and scope of work proposed. Approvals from both the AUDC and Easements Atlanta must be received in writing prior to undertaking any repair work.

The latest UDC form may be downloaded from their website at:

Easements Atlanta, Inc. maybe contacted via email at:

The referenced National Park Service Preservation Briefs are available at this address:

In accordance with the Condominium Documents, the Healey Homeowners and any of its consultants or representatives (including but not limited to Surber Barber Choate + Herlein, Architects) are not responsible for any work undertaken by individual homeowners.

Questions may be emailed to the Association Property Manager at:

Window Specifications

City of Atlanta document (5/13/2015) with window specifications (PDF)