Healey Residents,

Simple steps to being a good neighbor in this community:

  1. Keep music and noise levels down.
  2. Bag your trash so it does not leak.
  3. Do not give strangers access inside the building and use of the elevators.
  4. Update your contact information with the security guards.
  5. Report all suspicious activities to security.
  6. Get to know your neighbors.
  7. Do not smoke in the stairwell or common areas.
  8. Do not store bicycles and other personal items in the stairwell or any of our common areas. If you do they will be discarded.
  9. Clean up after your pet.
  10. Keep the elevator clean and do not scratch elevators walls and doors.
  11. Grills are not allowed anywhere on the building premises.
  12. Keep up with the terms of your condo document by visiting

Healey Board of Directors