Healey security personnel are allowed to give visitors/contractors access to the elevators if the resident calls security in advance to grant such access or, if security calls the resident and announces the visitor and the resident verbally gives permission to grant access. In the case of large groups, the resident is required to provide a list to security in advance of the event. Each person on the list will be given access by security. Food delivery personnel and contractors must access only the floor of the resident for which they are making a delivery or providing service. The resident receiving the delivery must ensure that the service provider is guided to and from their floor’s lobby area and at no time have access to the stairwell or is allowed to roam the hallways unattended. Please ensure that your visitors is aware that each time security grants them access, they must sign the visitor/contractor log.

Delivery company(s) and contractors who are granted access by security and who engage in soliciting or unacceptable behavior will be blocked by security from access to the elevators for future deliveries or service to all floors. Please visit the Healey Website for more detailed information.