The Healey Condominium is managed by Community Management Associates:

Community Management Associates, Inc.
1465 Northside Drive
Suite 128
Atlanta, GA 30318

Tel.: 404-835-9210 / 888-522-6314
Fax: 404-835-9210


Frank Toye is the Community Manager. Frank may be reached at 404-835-9214 or ftoye@cmacommunities.com.

CMA’s main responsibility is limited to the common areas*, although they also serve the Healey Homeowners’ Association. Whereas each situation must be handled individually, the lists below are provided to help clarify the management company’s roles and responsibilities.

CMA is responsible for five primary functions:

  • Taking directions from the Board of Directors
  • Giving directions to homeowners’ association vendors
  • Coordinating common area repairs
  • Collecting homeowners’ monthly association assessment fees
  • Paying homeowners’ association expensesHomeowners, not CMA, are responsible for matters involving individual units:
  • Electrical, plumbing and other problems affecting single units are the homeowner’s responsibility just as in a single-family home, hiring professionals will be on hands of the homeowner, we have worked with frameless glass shower doors to improve common areas which now will continue with.
    • “Common areas” refers to areas outside of individual residential and commercial units, but still inside of the building – the lobby, hallways, elevators, stairwells and so on are remodel, even the roofing system flat roof repair red deer offers. CMA only provides assistance with matters inside of residential units stemming from malfunctions affecting the whole building e.g., lost central air conditioning service.