The Healey front desk is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be reached at 404-522-7679.
From Healey Board of Directors:

The Healey security officers execute their duties based on the direction of the Healey HOA Board and the Commercial Property Manager’s guidelines.Many times residents are not familiar with these guidelines and believe our security officers are deviating from their assigned directives. If you disagree with a position that our security takes, please take the time to contact a member of the HOA Board for clarification before engaging the security staff. We must also be mindful that our new security company is still learning the ins and outs of the Healey culture and operations.

Despite all the training we provide, it will take our security team time to get to know each resident; therefore, at times, they may asked for identification to protect the building and its residents before granting you access to the elevators if you do not have your elevator access key. Please show you identification and sign in as requested.

The commercial property custodial service person(s) are not part of the security or HOA maintenance teams. Please refrain from asking custodial staff to perform services for you.

The Healey Security team reserves the right to contact you by phone and/or email to notify you of a delivery. 

Should you need to contact the security staff, please call 404-522-7679 or by email:

Please make clear your preferred method of contact for package delivery. 

Also make sure security has your updated telephone numbers, email address, and emergency contact information on file at all times. 


The security officers carry out a number of functions that include monitoring the perimeter of the building and internal alarm systems, notifying you of visitors and food deliveries, securing packages until pick up, and watching your groceries by the security desk while you unload or park your car. Officers also carry out the important function of providing lockout assistance. In order to receive this service, you must have a spare key on file so that it can be secured onsite.

Although officers are eager to assist in whatever way they can, please respect their positions and refrain from asking them to perform tasks not under their purview. For example, security officers are not responsible for walking dogs and placing delivery food orders. Please contact the officers’ employer for further questions about their roles and responsibilities. You may also use the listed contact information to give officers commendations or file complaints:

Allied Universal

Granison (Randy) Prentice

Office 770 649 5727
8215 Roswell Rd
Bldg 1100
Atlanta, GA 30350