Where is the guest suite located?

The guest suite located on the lower level adjacent to the Poplar Street exit. The suite features two full-sized beds, a full bath, cable television, and a telephone with restricted calling.

What is the rental fee? 

The fees are $85.00 of the first night and $40.00 for each consecutive night in the same reservation.

How to reserve? 

All reservations for use of the Guest Suite must be made with Healey Property Manager Stefany Mendoza at 404-835-9165 or e-mail:

Before you make a reservation, please check the calendar below for availability. When a date on the calendar is marked “busy”, it means it is not available. When it is not marked “busy”, it means that it is available.

How is a reservation confirmed? 

A reservation is confirmed when payment has been received.

Reserving the guest suite over the phone, by mail, by email or in person without making payment is not a confirmed reservation.

How to pay for reservation?

  1. By Check or money order All checks and money orders should be made payable to: The Healey Condominium Association, Inc. P.O. Box 65851, Phoenix, AZ, 85082-5851.
  2. Online: Homeowners can make online eCheck or credit card payments by going to:
  3. In person: Make payment at CMA Corporate Offices, 1465 Northside Drive, Suite 128, Atlanta, GA 30318.
  • Please note: cash will NOT be accepted.

Who can rent the guest suite?

Only homeowners currently in good standing with their monthly condo fees and/or special assessments (not delinquent) may reserve the Guest Suite.

Renters may NOT reserve the Guest Suite, but may use this amenity if the Owner makes the reservation, thereby assuming responsibility for the entire rental period.

What is the maximum rental period? 

Maximum rental period is seven (7) days. However, should the need arise and the Guest Suite is available, CMA has the discretion to extend the rental period, but never more than 10 days.

What are the homeowner’s responsibilities when renting? 

  1. A Cleaning fee may be assessed if the Guest Suite is left in an unsuitable way.
  2. Pets are NOT allowed in the Guest Suite, unless they are certified as Trained Guide animals.
  3. Should the Owner require extra linens, extra cleanings or an extra change of sheets, the Owners account will be charged for the resulting service call.
  4. Replacement costs for damaged or missing furnishings (e.g. pillows, towels etc.) will be charged back to the account of the Owner

What are Healey Condominium Association ’s responsibilities when renting? 

*Healey Security will arrange housekeeping details with Neat and Tidy Cleaning.

*Healey Security is charged to complete several essential tasks the morning of the reservation:

  1. The Officer-in-Charge at the Security Desk will issue the Suite key to the appropriate renting party with proper identification.
  2. Security will ENTER the Guest Suite to assess the temperature, and when necessary, adjust it to a more comfortable setting, depending on the current weather conditions
  3. Prior to the arrival of the Guest, Security will verify that the Suite is clean, the linens are well stocked and the room is free of damages.