HOA Board

The Healey Condominiums has an active homeowners’ board and several committees whose activities are, in part, supported by the homeowners’ assessment fee. The Healey Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Board current has 5 members – a president, treasurer, secretary, and two members at large.

The Board works closely with building manager Chinasa Onyebueke of Community Management Associates (see Management). To communicate with the Board, please go through the management company.

2018 HOA Board

  • John C. Wilson – President
  • Christopher Johnson – Treasurer
  • Wendy Darling – Secretary / Communations
  • Raymond Pierce
  • Craig Rusert

2019 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are open to all residents.

The format is for an open session, where all “old business” is discussed, followed by all “new business.” Resident comments and questions are then taken. Following this is a closed session during which the Board discusses confidential matters, such as homeowners with condo fees in arrears, lawsuits, etc.

Location: Board meetings will be held on the third Monday of each month at 7:00pm in the Healey Conference Room.  (Changes will be noted here and/or communicated by email to residents.)

2019 meeting dates TBD.

Meeting Minutes