The Healey Building is governed by a Homeowners Association and managed by a condo management firm. In addition, the lowers portions of the building are owned and controlled by the Commercial Property Manager, placing some areas and services of the building under joint management.Like all condominium buildings, the Healey Building has rules and regulations, forms, and documents which are important for all residents.
This section offers access to a wide range of resources. Some resources are restricted to residents only, who must access using a security login.

The 2016 Board meeting schedule

2016 Board meetings will be held on the second Monday of each month,except December, at 7pm in the Healey Conference Room: January 11, February 8, March 14, April 11, May 9, June 13, July 11, August 8, September 12, Oct 10, November 14 and None in December.